Baldwin Filters Releases Fuel Filter For On-Highway Trucks

Baldwin Filters, a Parker Hannifin Corporation brand, recently released the BF63000 high efficiency fuel filter for on-highway applications. The BF63000, with highly engineered layered media, delivers outstanding contaminant-holding capacity, while removing damaging particles down to 4 microns.

Precise industry standard testing shows the BF63000 captures two times more particles larger than 4 micron. Hydrostatic burst testing also reveals the BF63000 is two times more durable, withstanding pressures up to 800 psi.

“We are really excited about the release of this filter. The BF63000 fits on hundreds of on-highway applications with popular Cummins and Paccar engines,” said Steve Zimmerman, Division Engineering & Product Management Manager. “Baldwin has a history of providing heavy-duty, quality filtration. We have invested heavily in research, development and testing to ensure we provide our customers with the best products in the industry.”

Baldwin’s BF63000 meets strict OE performance requirements to keep fuel clean and ensure high performance and longer fuel system life.